Living & Working Abroad : Then Watch Your TV From Home

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  HD Cable Television for Expats in Europe : British, American, Irish TV and Radio. English TV with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean including Air Mouse Remote Control, XBMC, Filmon, Tunein, Google Play, Google Apps, NETFLIX : Unlimited Movies, Films and TV Shows : Delivered and installed in Belgium and all of Europe  

NEW : No Satellite Antenna Needed

Watch all the Major UK TV Channels : Works anywhere in your Home

Forget about having to have a Satellite dish installed in your Home.

Watch all your favourite English & American TV shows including news, sport, films and Kid’s TV

Then choose the ‘ WiFi TV Set Top Box ‘ that connects you directly to all the TV you love !

It comes with a PVR  ( Digital Video Recorder ) so you can watch any show at any time you want

It is a small set top box that connects to your Internet connection giving your perfect UK TV.


IPTV is a brand new system that is a small set top box the size of a normal DVD player that plugs into your Internet connection and into your television via the Scart or HDMI plug.

Using the simple to use remote control, you have access to the EPG ( on screen TV guide ) that allows you to choose exactly

what you want to watch, either LIVE TV or catch up TV using the built in PVR Digital Recorder direct playback system.

In other words you watch exactly what you want to watch when you want to watch it !

This product can be used in all Countries : Delivery directly to your Home.

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Channels you can watch with the WiFi Set Top Box

  1. BBC One HD
  2. BBC Two
  3. BBC Three
  4. BBC News Channel
  5. ITV 1 HD
  6. ITV 2
  7. ITV 3
  8. ITV 4
  9. Channel Four
  10. Channel Five
  11. 5 USA
  12. 5 Star
  13. E4
  14. More 4
  15. CBS Drama
  16. CBS Action
  17. CBS Reality
  18. Chart Show TV ( Music Videos )
  19. CITV ( Kid’s TV )
  20. CBBC ( BBC Kid’s TV )
  21. Cbeebies ( BBC Kid’s TV )
  22. Film Four ( Movies )
  23. Movies 4 Men ( Movies )
  24. True Movies ( Movies )



    Buy & install in Belgium Sky + HD & Freesat UK TV Satellite & English & American Cable Television Including installation of all Satellite Dish Antenna's at your Home & Office