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  HD Cable Television for Expats in Europe : British, American, Irish TV and Radio. English TV with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean including Air Mouse Remote Control, XBMC, Filmon, Tunein, Google Play, Google Apps, NETFLIX : Unlimited Movies, Films and TV Shows : Delivered and installed in Belgium and all of Europe  

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TV From Home offers you a personalised ordering system

Here at TV From Home, we do our very best to offer you the highest quality service, both in products as well as first class customer care. We believe in a personal touch, meaning that we talk to each and every client, taking the time to phone you, to listen to what you require, checking what TV & Radio stations you wish to watch & listen to, so that we can be sure that we deliver the correct Television & Radio system that suits you and your Family as well as your budget.

  1. 1 –  Check if your Home Country can be received in Belgium on the list below

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We will then give you a phone call with in 24 hours to discuss your TV channel choice


Albania TV Afghanistan TV Saudi Arabia TV
Austria TV Armenia TV UAE TV
Belarus TV Bangladesh TV Syria TV
Belgium TV Bhutan TV Egypt TV
Bosnia TV Brunei TV Lebanon TV
Bulgaria TV Cambodia TV Qatar TV
Croatia TV China TV Morocco TV
Cyprus TV Georgia TV Algeria TV
Czech TV Hong Kong TV Jordan TV
Estonia TV India TV Kuwait TV
Finland TV Indonesia TV Bahrain TV
France TV Iran TV Libya TV
Germany TV Israel TV Sudan TV
Greece TV Japan TV Yemen TV
Hungary TV Laos TV Iraq TV
Iceland TV Macau TV Palestine TV
Ireland TV Malaysia TV Oman TV
Italy TV Maldives TV Tunisia TV
Kosovo TV Myanmar TV America
Latvia TV Nepal TV Bolivia TV
Liechtenstein TV North Korea TV Brazil TV
Lithuania TV Pakistan TV Cuba TV
Luxembourg TV Philippines TV Ecuador TV
Macedonia TV Singapore TV Peru TV
Moldova TV South Korea TV Venezuela TV
Montenegro TV Sri Lanka TV
Netherlands TV Taiwan TV
Norway TV Thailand
Poland TV Vietnam TV
Portugal TV

Romania TV

Russia TV

San Marino TV

Serbia TV

Slovak Rep TV

Slovenia TV

Spain TV

Sweden TV

Switzerland TV

Ukraine TV

United Kingdom TV




    Buy & install in Belgium Sky + HD & Freesat UK TV Satellite & English & American Cable Television Including installation of all Satellite Dish Antenna's at your Home & Office